Hands-On: Manjaro Linux on the Raspberry Pi 4

My previous post looked at Ubuntu on the Raspberry Pi 4. This time I’m going to try installing Manjaro Linux, with two different desktops on two different Pi models.

In my previous post, I walked through Installing Ubuntu Linux 20.10 on a Raspberry Pi 4. That went pretty well, with both the standard Gnome desktop and the MATE desktop. This time, because I am not much of an Ubuntu fan, I want to try a Linux distribution, which I prefer and have been using on my various laptop and desktop systems: Manjaro.

Open-source software: How many bugs are hidden there on purpose?

Backdoors and ‘bugdoors’ might be hard to spot but they put open-source security at risk.

Microsoft-owned GitHub, the world’s largest platform for open-source software, has found that 17% of all vulnerabilities in software were planted for malicious purposes.

GitHub reported that almost a fifth of all software bugs were intentionally placed in code by malicious actors in its 2020 Octoverse report, released yesterday.

GitHub fixes ‘high severity’ security flaw spotted by Google

Two weeks after Google disclosed a security flaw in GitHub, the Microsoft-owned site has fixed the issue.

GitHub has finally fixed a high severity security flaw reported to it by Google Project Zero more than three months ago.

The bug affected GitHub’s Actions feature – a developer workflow automation tool – that Google Project Zero researcher Felix Wilhelm said was “highly vulnerable to injection attacks”. GitHub’s Actions support a feature called workflow commands as a communication channel between the Action runner and the executed action.

Raspberry Pi 400: Its designer reveals more about the faster Pi 4 in the $70 PC’s keyboard

Raspberry Pi designer shows off the custom PCB for the Raspberry Pi 4 inside the new $70 Pi 400 keyboard computer.

Raspberry Pi’s designers have revealed more about the overhauled design of the Raspberry Pi 4 inside its new Raspberry Pi 400 keyboard computer.

The new $70 Raspberry Pi 400, announced on Monday, offers fans of the Raspberry Pi single-board computer a polished, modern take on far less powerful classics from the 1980s like the BBC Micro, ZX Spectrum and Commodore Amiga.