Windows 7 and Chrome: Google just extended support by six months

Chrome for Windows 7 will continue to get security updates until at least January 15, 2022.

Google has decided to extend Chrome support for Windows 7 for another six months beyond its original plan in order to give customers more time if their Windows 10 migration plans were delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In January, Google said Chrome support would continue until at least July 2021, but that was a few months before the pandemic struck.

Agile development: How to tackle complexity and get stuff done

IT professionals face an almost never-ending to-do list of projects. IT leaders tell us how to make sure you focus on the right priorities.

These are complex times. From rapid technological advances to fast-changing customer demands, IT professionals face an always-growing list of challenges.

Harvard Business Review says complexity is an increasingly necessary element for viability and competitiveness in today’s unpredictable business environment. If you want to get ahead, then you will have to deal with complexity as best you can.

So how can IT professionals manage complexity? The answer, as these three digital leaders show, is to put agility at the centre of the IT organisation and its product development strategy. Here are their best-practice tips for getting things done in an iterative manner.

Bad year, great gear: 2020’s 7 best tech products

While Apple dominates Jason Squared’s list of best technology products, Google and Amazon do make an appearance.

It’s nearly the end of the year, which means it’s time to take a step back and reflect on 2020.

Despite how much this year was an Annus Horribilis on so many levels, some very good technology products were released. While we cannot list them all, here’s what made the top of our list on Jason Squared at ZDNet.

Zoom rolls out encryption for all desktop and mobile users

Zoom has kicked off end-to-end encryption for its mobile and desktop apps. Phase one of the encryption rollout doesn’t include meetings via a web browser.

Zoom, the big winner from remote working during the COVID-19 pandemic, is rolling out end-to-end encryption for all video meetings on mobile and desktop devices after criticism that it used “substandard” encryption.

ZDNet poll: Is Google guilty of antitrust violations?

The United States Department of Justice is taking Google to court, alleging that the search giant is violating antitrust law. Do you think they’re right?

In a lawsuit filed earlier this week, the United States Department of Justice accused Google of violating Section 2 of the Sherman Antitrust Act. The blistering 64-page complaint alleges that the search giant is guilty of “exclusionary practices that are harmful to competition.”

This dev course bundle can teach you HTML, CSS, PHP, and more for $6 per course

There is a myriad of programming languages to choose from when you first learn how to code, so things can get confusing really quickly. Thankfully, this 6-course programming bundle does the guesswork for you..

Programming is one of the most versatile skills you can possibly have. Whether you’re interested in programming as a full-time career or as a side hustle, keeping up to date with the latest languages and technologies will make you a valuable asset to your employers or potential clients. Not only that, but programming is also constantly in demand, so it’s a reliable skill set to fall back on.